Liberty and Property for All

Fall 2015   

Latest Data (y/y)

CHINA 7.7% 2.5%
INDONESIA 6.3% 7.3%
INDIA 5.5% 6.9%
MEXICO 4.6% 4.2%
RUSSIA 3.6% 6.7%
BRAZIL 3.1% 7.0%
USA 2.1% 0.8%
EU 1.8% 3.7%
JAPAN 0.7% 0.0%
AUSTRALIA 0.4% 3.4%
S. KOREA -1.5% 2.0%
UK -5.5% 3.1%
MALAYSIA -6.2% 3.3%

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CHINA NOW #2 LENDER TO USA—"China’s purchases of U.S. government securities rose 20% over the first half of this year and have exploded by more than 105% since the beginning of 2001." [Japan is #1 lender.] People's Daily  NOW #1 RECIPIENT OF FOREIGN INVESTMENT"Contracted foreign investment totals $1,026.207 billion and foreign investment in actual use totals $540.292 billion. PeoplesDaily

"The laws that govern the structure of an economic system cannot, in the nature of things, be set aside or altered by anything a mere government can do."--W. J. Sidis    

Leaders in Energy Consumption per Person

Singapore 157
United Arab Emirates 142
Qatar 75
USA 68
Canada 62
Saudi Arabia 56
Brunei 47
Israel 45
Australia 44
Japan 42

Leaders in Alcohol Consumption per Person


Luxembourg 15.6
Ireland 13.7
Hungary 13.6
Moldova 13.2
Czech Republic 13.0
Croatia 12.3
Germany 12.0
United Kingdom 11.8
Spain 11.7
Denmark 11.7
Cyprus 11.5
Portugal 11.5
Saint Lucia 11.5
France 11.4
Austria 11.1
Switzerland 10.8
Russia 10.3

- - - -

- - -
United States 8.6
China 5.2


(Strike 1)— After 154 games Ichiro had not broken Sisler's record on the way to setting the 162-game record. Even the great Ichiro could not break Sisler's record. Therefore both records belong in the books. For the facts see: REAL BASEBALL RECORDS. "George Sisler was the nearest thing to a perfect player."Ty Cobb    

(Strike 2) COMMISSIONER FAILS TO RIGHT A MAJOR WRONGGalarraga retired the first 26 batters he faced, but his bid for a perfect game was ended one out short when first base umpire Jim Joyce incorrectly ruled that the batter was safe. Joyce was tearful and apologetic to Galarraga after the game upon realizing he had made the incorrect call. Galarraga was forgiving and understanding of the mistake.

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(1) Since the sixties the average wage has kept up with inflation, so the average wage has the same spending power today as it had in 1974. graphs, data, links (2) But mortgages and rents have inflated much faster. "In just over half a decade the number of America’s working families paying more than 50 percent of their income for housing has grown 76%." (3)

 DARK STAR GALAXY? Predicted in 1925 by W. J. Sidis
"A British-led team of astronomers have discovered an object that appears to be an invisible galaxy made almost entirely of dark matterthe first ever detected. Without any stars to give light, it could only be found using radio telescopes."  "Strong evidence for a massive galaxy totally devoid of stars has been found in the Virgo cluster, about 50 million light years away from Earth. The new galaxy, which consists of a gigantic cloud of hydrogen gas and exotic dark matter, contains enough material to give birth to tens of millions of stars. Yet something is preventing this from happening." NewScientist   Sidis: "We thus find the universe to be. . . a sort of three-dimensional checkerboard, the positive spaces counting as white (giving out light), and the negative spaces as black (absorbing light). Thus what we see is simply the white space that we are in. The surrounding black spaces are invisible."--The Animate and the Inanimate. Astronomers Spot 15 New Extremely Dark Galaxies.

MACDICTIVE?—"American researchers are investigating the possibility that fast foods may be just as addictive as hard drugs. 'It seems that the rats ingest more and more and the changes that we see in the brain are similar to what we would see if we gave a rat morphine or heroin'." New Scientist   Big Food

  SWEET DRINKS ADD CALORIES BUT DO NOT SATISFY AS FOOD—"The children did not eat any less food to compensate for the extra calories in the sodas, lemonades and other drink treats."  Journal of Pediatrics   Big Food

GIRLS MORE LIKELY THAN BOYS TO SEEK REVENGE?—"Violent events involving preadolescent and early adolescent girls are more likely to be in response to a previous event and to involve the home environment and family member intervention." Archives of Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine

CAN THESE PLANTS CLICK EDIT AND UNDO TYPING?—"In a discovery that has flabbergasted geneticists, these second-generation plants replaced the abnormal code of their parents with the regular code possessed by earlier generations." Nature  "Cress with two mutant copies of one gene seem to be able to correct the DNA they pass on, ensuring that at least a few of their offspring revert to normal." New Scientist

PSYCHOTRONICS UPDATES —(1) In the 1960s Dr. Jose Delgado flipped a switch and stopped a charging bull in his tracks (The Physical Control of the Mind, and Man's Intervention in Intracerebral Functions).] Now it's (2) REMOTE-CONTROLLED RATS—"Signals from a laptop up to 500 metres away make the rats run, climb, jump and even cross brightly lit open spaces, contrary to their instincts . . .The research arm of the US defense department is funding the work." Nature  (3) FRUIT FLIES"We can not only passively observe but actively control behavior."  Science Daily Science Live   (4) SHARKS—"Engineers funded by the US military have created a neural implant designed to enable a shark's brain signals to be manipulated remotely, controlling the animal's movements, and perhaps even decoding what it is feeling. They hope to transform the animals into stealth spies, perhaps capable of following vessels without being spotted."  New Scientist


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REAL - The Bag, Decca 75057 (S)
Two tunes "Red, Purple and Blue" and "Down and Out" - raise this LP out of the common herd. Both could serve as excellent programming material for progressive rock stations. The Bag, produced by Jimmy Curtiss, shows merit.
                   Billboard, 11/23/68

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Excerpts from A Hundred Thoughts to Think About

Speak with a smile in your voice.

Biography: fact and fiction.

Death Penalty: What if there is
no punishment in the afterlife?

Fishing is hunting.

We are what we know.

Jesus was a liberal.


DEFORESTATION BIG PART OF GLOBAL WARMING?(1) "Global deforestation increased sharply in the mid-1800s. About half of the mature tropical forests that covered the planet have been cleared." Wiki  (2) "In the 1860's the German tree was beginning to suffer from mass destruction! It had become the fashion to lop off the tip off a large tree to use as a Christmas Tree, which prevented the tree from growing further. Statutes were made to prevent people having more than one tree." source  (3) The most active period of timber harvesting in the history of Alaska's interior occurred nearly a century ago. The beginning of this era was the year 1869, when steam-powered, stern-wheeled riverboats first operated on the Yukon River." source   (4) CARBON DIOXIDE RISE ROUGHLY CORRELATES WITH DEFORESTATION AND GLOBAL WARMING

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(5) TREES ABSORB CARBON DIOXIDE"An acre of pine trees (~120 trees) has the potential to sequester roughly 5 tons of CO2 per year." source (6) CHEMICAL RELEASED BY  TREES CAN COOL PLANET, SCIENTISTS FIND"Scientists discover cloud-thickening chemicals in trees that could offer a new weapon in the fight against global warming. Computer models showed that the pine particles doubled the thickness of clouds some 1,000m above the forests, and would reflect an extra 5% sunlight back into space. He said: 'It might not sound a lot, but that is quite a strong cooling effect'." Guardian (UK)  (7) TREES REGULATE GASES NECESSARY FOR LIFETrees process gases entering and leaving the soil and the leaves. source

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MBOX EDITORIAL  50,000 trees for a Sunday newspaper! Deforestation may play a far more important role as a cause of global warming. Rising CO2 levels may be accelerated by deforestation. This matter is now urgent: "The Amazon forests are disappearing at the rate of 50 football fields a minute, or 32 million acres (13 million hectares) a year. 1.7% of the original forested areas that were cut down by humans are growing back."Reuters In addition, as far as I know, the simple experiment of adding CO2 to a volume of air causing a rise of temperature has never been done! —Dan Mahony                  more data


"Most of the seventh-graders who responded about being driven by someone under the influence [of alcohol] are quite likely referring to their parents."

"NRDC 's report points out that as much as 40% of all bottled water comes from a city water system, just like tap water."

See also Life's Actual Risks

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Liberty and Property for All

   Wealth and power can be addictive like drugs. Many corporations are structured to reward addiction: those employees most addicted rise to the top.






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